Low-Carb Cocktails

Below are some links to help you explore some more low carb options. I realize that you are pretty limited when you go out to bar as opposed to what you can make at home. Bars tend to only have water, soda water, and diet coke as a sugar free mixer. With that, you can order any of the liquors above with the water, soda water or diet coke for a ZERO carb cocktail. I find that a lot of people order vanilla vodka and diet coke a lot. The flavored alcohols can help in adding a lot of flavor. Also, keep in mind that a glass of white wine has less than 2 grams of carbs. Red wine has 3 grams.

If you really want to get all fancy at home then you can order something from NaturesFlavors.com. They have all kinds of sugar free (splenda) syrups to replace liqueurs you might crave. I have also used splenda (buy it in the bulk box-not the packets) and mixed it with water and extracts from the spice section of your local store.

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