Misc. Drinks All Bartenders Should Know






A Shandy is beer mixed with lemon-lime soda (sprite/7UP). A lot of British people will order it while visiting America. Draft/tap beer is generally used with a ratio of 75% beer and 25% soda.

Black & Tan


A Black and Tan is when you layer a dark beer on top of an ale. The most common combination is to layer Guinness stout on top of Bass ale.

The Guinness has to be layered slowly. If it's on tap then the distributor will provide a Guinness spoon that hangs on the tap.

There is a novelty layering device called a Black and Tan Turtle that looks like a turtle and sits on top of the glass.



Spirits you can serve in a brandy snifter besides Cognac and Brandy


Sambuca with three coffee beans dropped in, Grand Marnier, Drambuie, amaretto, Single Malt Scotch, premium rum or tequila, Brandy Alexander, or any quality liqueur.


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