Miss Charming's Alcohol Timeline
19-7000 BC

7000 BC Northern China uses earthen pottery for winemaking.

4300 BC Recipes for beer is recorded on 92 Babylonian tablets.

4000 BC Egyptians place jugs filled beer and wine in burial tombs for their journey.
3500 BC Winemaking recipes are recorded on Egyptian papyrus.

3000 BC Over twenty varieties of beer are recorded on clay Sumerian tablets.


2800 BC Beer is used to pay workers as part of their wage.
2700 BC Babylonians drink wine and beer and offer it to their gods.

2650 BC Egyptian wall paintings show how to produce beer.

2200 BC Cuneiform tablet recommends beer as a tonic for lactating women.
2000 BC Beer and wine is used for medicinal purposes in Sumeria.
2000 BC Wine is an important part of Mediterranean commerce.

2137 BC Two royal Chinese astronomers, Hsi and Ho, drink too much rice wine and fail to predict the first recorded eclipse to the Shu King so they were executed.

1700 BC A highly organized American Indian society lives in what we call today, Louisiana, which is the birth state of the American cocktail.
1600 BC Egyptian texts give 100 medical prescriptions using beer.
1600 BC Wine reaches the shores of Greece.
1292 BC An Egyptian scribe documents two construction worker twins cheating on their wives and playing hooky from work while off on a beer binge.
1116 BC A Chinese Imperial Decree states that it is required that people regularly drink a moderate amount of alcohol to achieve heavenly powers.
1100 BC-1400 AD Forty-one laws against making wine were enacted and repealed.
1000 B.C. Ancient China encourages moderation when drinking alcohol because it’s considered to come from Heaven.
800 BC India makes rice and barley beer.

750 BC Greeks and Romans have many wine Gods.

750 BC Two Phoenician ships carrying 10 tons wine in ceramic jugs sink.
700 BC The Languedoc region of France produces wine.

640 BC The Greek lyric poet, Alcaeus, also wrote popular drinking songs.

600 BC Limes are introduced to the Middle East.
218 BC Hannibal and his Army set up camp near the natural spring we know today as Perrier.
206 BC Five earthenware jars of rice wine are placed in a Han dynasty tomb
200 BC Sake spreads throughout Japan.

200 BC Romans make glass bottles and drinking vessels.

121 BC Opimion is the first vintage wine to be in print.
58 BC Julius Ceasar builds a stone basin for the natural spring which today is called Perrier.
55 BC Romans introduce beer to Northern Europe.
50 BC King Barebista of Thrace is the first to ban alcohol.
49 BC Ceasar toasts his troops with beer after crossing the Rubicon.
23 BC China brews beer and calls it Kiu.
19 BC A 20-gallon cone-shaped, two-handled wine jug with reference to King Herod is shipped from Italy.


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