Gourmet Recipes

In the late 1980s and into the 1990s the Micro-brews kick started a whole new appreciation of what we drink. It was all about savoring and not guzzling. Following it was the wine boom and all of a sudden common wine choices were Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Spirit sales declined and I’m sure many company round table meetings were held all over the globe to figure out what to do. The result was to follow the current trend and bump up the quality of spirits.

Just when bartenders heads had stopped spinning from all the new beers and wines they had to learn, the new elite Single Malt Scotch’s showed its peaty head. One by one, each category of spirit reinvented itself. Bourbon was refined to Single Batch and Single Barrel, vodkas turned boutique, fine tequilas and rums immerged, gins were improved, and flavored infusions never lost steam.

With the new superior line of spirits
, some bartenders naturally progressed into modern day mixologists and bar chefs hand-making the classics of yesteryear as well as new modern classics. Dale DeGroff made it his mission to resurrect the craft of bartending. His pioneering efforts have led him to be founding member and President of the The Museum of the American Cocktail.


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Thai-Flower Cooler
This tantalizing mix of lemongrass infused Wyborowa vodka, elderflower cordial, bitters and fizzy bitter lemon, takes its inspiration from the classic V&T and delivers a perfectly balanced summer time cooler.

Sweet English strawberries pulverised with cracked black pepper, licked with a monster measure of Arette tequila, shaken like a Polaroid picture(!) with fresh lime and organic agave nectar.

East Meets West Julep
Winner of the Whisky Cocktail Challenge 2005, taking Woodford Reserve and shaking it really, really hard with fresh pomegranate, Lebanese honey & fresh mint…enough said!

Rio Bravo
Another home grown creation utilising the Brazilian spirit Cachaca, fresh ginger and smashing it with almond syrups and fresh lime, finished with a lick of orange…encore!

El Rey
Created with the great rum maestro Constante Ribailagua in mind…This one owes it origins to the Daiquiri and uses Havana Club Especial, fresh rhubarb and vanilla syrup.

Sin City Sour
Blood stained streets, total carnage and undeniable mayhem… all in one glass! Dark morello cherries smashed & beaten with Brazilian sugar cane juice, fresh lemons and a smidgen of free range egg white to smooth it down… it’d be a crime to miss out.

Relight My Fire
Influenced by Jamaica and lit with a slug of Appleton V/X rum and Tahitian ginger liqueur with fresh red chilli, vanilla sugar and lime to produce a sweet and spicy ode to the Caribbean Islands.

Pineapple & Sage Mojito (Nick Strangeway)
Nick ‘the Chef’ Strangeway, offers up a classic Cuban masterpiece with his own sweet and savoury spin… Colombian pineapple smashed with sage, laced with pressed lime juice, a dash of sugar and fearful quantities of fine Cuban rum…served numbingly cold and damn tasty!