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I don't make up the rules. I don't make girls giggle when a hetro man orders a girly drink...it just is.

Let's face it. Gender cocktails are part of modern society. Very few men can get away with ordering a Strawberry Daiquiri unless they are on vacation, gay, or very secure in who they are.

To me, a low-maintenance cocktail consisting of 1-3 ingredients made with whiskey or whisky is a stereo-typical cocktail for a man (Rusty Nail, Manhattan, Godfather, Rob Roy, etc.). Highballs would be, Whiskey & Water/Soda and Scotch and Water/Soda. Straight forward cocktail verbiage is; on the rocks, neat, splash of water, splash of soda, water back, and twist. Other contenders can be a classic Martini, Gin or Vodka Tonic, Cognac (neat), Red Wine, and any ultra premium spirit or liqueur served neat or on the rocks.

Training wheel cocktails to order would be a Lynchburg Lemonade, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, 7&7, Whiskey and Ginger/7,/Coke, Long Island iced Tea, and Black Russian.


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