Pirate Treasure



What you need:
• A shot glass of your choice (or shot glasses of your choice if ya got some friends)
•Chilled Goldschlager (it's a clear cinammon schnapps with gold flakes inside)
•Chilled Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (Yo Ho Ho!)

•Keep the alcohol in the fridge (it's best in the freezer though).
•Invest in some pour spouts for the bottles

When ready, swirl the Goldschlager bottle around a bit to mix up the gold then fill half of your shot glass with it. Gently layer the Captain Morgan on top. Isn't that a fun shot? Clever too! I bet even Johnny Depp would like this one!

There are tips on how to layer on the Layered Recipe page here. (In the video clip, he uses a spoon to break the fall--most times, I just grabba cherry.)

Did you know?:
• National "Talk like a Pirate" Day is September 19th? It says so here.

Party Ideas:
If you really wanna, you can have a Pirate Party of sorts. Maybe you can do the Pirate Treasure Shots with eyepatches on? How about a bird on your shoulder? There's a buncha cool pirate stuff at Dead Men Tell No Tales. They have cool cocktail naps, mugs, tats, and so much more! They have cheap stuff to expensive stuff si it fits everyone's budget.