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Carefully cut a hole into the top of a watermelon then use a wine tool to pull out the plug. Make a little more room by scooping out some watermelon then insert a funnel and pour in any chilled booze of your choice. After the booze is absorbed, I prefer setting it in the fridge then allow it to sit for a good 6-12 hours (24 is good too!). When ready, you can slice it up and set it out at your party or cut it into some of the cool ideas I found below at Watermelon.org!

Suggested alcohol include plain and flavored clear rums, vodkas, tequilas, and gin so they won't change the color of the red meat. Lower proof alcohol is nice too like Malibu Coconut Rum or liqueurs.

You can also spike a watermelon using BBQ marinade injectors like these. That can be purchased at any BBQ supply online store.




You can make Drunken Olives by getting a big jar of olives. Drain out 3/4 of the olive juice (save it for Dirty Martinis) then pour in a mixture of gin, vodka, and dry vermouth. Let it set overnight in the fridge.

Of course you can use any ratio of alcohol of your choice, use all gin, all vodka, etc. Even infused vodka or gin would be nice like pepper flavored, etc.

*The gallon jars are cheaper at a Sam's Club, Costco, etc.

Try the same thing with marischino cherries and make Cherry Bombs. Drain out 3/4 of the cherry juice (save it for a future Rum Punch) then pour in alcohol of your choice. Most people like to use 151 rum to carry on the "bomb" theme but any flavored vodka or rum would make them really flavorful.

Sure, you can put display your spiked olives and cherries in bowls, but why not display them in Martini Glasses! Even those giant Martini glasses would be cool. Don't forget to set out a cherry stem bowl next to the cherries. Also, it looks nicer to place each cherry in one by one with all stems sticking up so that its perky and also easier for your guests.


Don't try these giant glasses...I think they might be too big!

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