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Sour mix is probably the most confusing mixer of all. Not anymore! Basically, it's a sweetened lemon/lime flavored mix. As you walk down the mixer aisle in any grocery store you will notice that it has many names; Sweet-n-sour, Margarita mix, whiskey sour mix, or just plain sour mix.

Also, in most drink recipe books you will see that a recipe calls for some lemon (or lime) juice and sugar. When you see this, you can substitute it for sour mix.

Without a doubt, the very best sweet-n-sour mix is the kind you make yourself.You can make your own sour mix with fresh squeezed lemons, limes, and simple syrup.

Simple syrup is nothing more than sugar water. Sometimes you can buy it off the shelves. I've seen it called simple syrup and rock candy syrup. It has the consistensy of honey in a way, but not as thick.


You can also make your own simple syrup by mixing two parts sugar and one part water (some people like 1:1), but you can also experiment with this to get it the level of sweetness that you desire. For a no-heat simple syrup you can pour it into a container with a lid and shake it up (an empty wine bottle and cork is a great idea). Use lukewarm water so the sugar will melt better. If you really want to take it to the type you find in stores then boil the sugar and water for 5 minutes while stirring (start the 5 minutes when it starts to boil) then allow to cool. Pour this in a bottle and use when needed.
Click on the video to the left to see my friend, Angus Winchester, make no-heat simple syrup.

When you mix the fresh citrus juice and simple syrup together you are trying to reach a perfect balance of sweet and a perfect balance of sour (I like to use half lemon and half lime for an all-purpose sour mix). Remember those sweet-n-sour suckers you loved as a kid? Like that.

You will be able to store this mixer in the fridge for a good couple of weeks. The sugar and the cold serve as a great perservative.

NOTE: If you are makng sour mix for lets say, a Whiskey Sour then you only want to use lemon juice. Usig only lime juice is perfect for a Margarita mix.

Try this sugar-free/low-carb recipe:

6 juicy lemons, 6 juicy limes, 3 cups of Splenda©, and 6 cups of water. Squeeze the juice and mix it with the Spenda© and water. Keep it in the fridge until you need it. Not all lemons and limes will yield the same amount of juice, so you'll have to taste test as you go. The Splenda can be replaced by real sugar.



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