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1915 The Battle of the Ballots; A silent film about saloonkeeper, Mayre Hall and his local iceman, William Wells. The iceman is accused of voting for prohibition, which strains the relationship with the bartender.

1918 Hit-The-Trail-Holliday
; George M. Cohen plays Billy Holliday, a NYC bartender who loses his job because he won't sell alcohol to minors. With the threat of prohibition around the corner, he takes a job at a brewery that is promoting a new non-alcoholic drink called Bevo. This is a silent film.

1918 Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley
; Bartender, William Scott, courts Mary Pickford, the cigarette girl in this silent film.

1919 The Wicked Darling
; Kalla Pascha plays a brute of a bartender in this silent film about pick pocketing.




1925 The Big Parade
; Tom O'Brien plays bartender Bull Michael O'Hara in this silent love story set in World War I.

1928 Champagne
; A silent Hitchcock film about a spoiled girl. Her wealthy father lies by telling her that he has lost everything in the stock market crash and she’s forced to go work in a bar to support herself. There are many camera shots through raised champagne glasses and the promo poster shows her sitting in a huge champagne bucket & stand holding a bottle of Champagne.




1930 Blotto
; Laurel and Hardy take a bottle of booze from Laurel’s wife and plan to hit a local nightspot to have a night on the town. What they don’t know is that Laurels’ wife poured out the booze and replaced it with tea, mustard powder and other ingredients. Not knowing this, Laurel and Hardy think they are getting drunk.


1931 The Struggle
; A story about an American man that falls into alcoholism.

1934 Murder at the Vanities; Manhattans are used as props during a stage performance.

1937 The Awful Truth; Cary Grant makes spiked egg nog.

1937 The Thin Man
; William Powell instructs the Bartender how to make drinks, "The important thing is the rhythm. Always have rhythm in your shaking. Now a Manhattan you always shake to fox-trot time, a Bronx to two-step time, a dry martini you always shake to waltz time." You can see a video of this here.


1938 Bringing Up Baby
; A bartender teaches Kathryn Hepburn a bar trick that involves
popping olives in her mouth. Not really a great trick, but the first bar trick I've ever seen in a film.

Click on the image to see the clip.



1939 The Women; Mary Boland screams,"Get me a Bromide -- and put some gin in it, too!"



1945 The Lost Weekend; Ray Milland plays an alocoholic.

1949 Whisky Galore
; A ship loaded with whisky wrecks on a Scottish island.



Come Fill the Cup; James Cagney plays an alcoholic that hits bottom then goes through rehab. He says, A lush can always find a reason if he's thirsty. If he's happy, he takes a couple of shots to celebrate his happiness. Sad, he needs them to drown his sorrow. Low, to pick him up; excited, to calm him down. Sick, for his health; and healthy, it can't hurt him. A lush just can't lose.




From Here To Eternity; There are many bar scenes in this film. beer is drank and mentioned and Frank Sinatra orders whiskey.





King Creole; Elvis Presley works as a busboy in a nightclub in the New Orleans French Quarter. Many nameless drinks are seen in the film with scenes of cocktail waitresses and a pan of a bartender shaking a drink. The first scene shows a bottle of Champagne being uncorked. One guy says that the only school he went to was bartender school. Another guy says, "Everything he touches turns to drink."




Hello Dolly
; Barbra Streisand mentions a Rum Toddy.



Diamonds are Forever
; Sean Connery breaks a bottle of Courvoisier and sprays it on Putter Smith, which catches in fire.



Murder on the Orient Express
; Poirot drinks a Creme de Menthe.




Strange Brew
; A crazy movie about a haunted beer factory starring Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.



Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure
; Pee Wee Herman dances to the song, Tequila, in a bar with some bikers.

A View to Kill;
Roger Moore throws two Molotov cocktail bombs made from one in a one-liter Bacardi rum bottle and the other in a Perrier bottle.



; Faye Dunaway and Mickey Rourke play alcoholics.

Bukowski Tapes
; Documentary about Charles Bukowski, a famous alcoholic writer. Mickey Rourke plays him in the movie 1987 Barfly.



Skin Deep
; Alcohol becomes the center of John Ritter’s life.

My Name is Bill W.
; James Woods plays Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.



; Dudley Moore seems to be drunk all through the movie. He drinks Scotch, Martinis, Champagne, and beer.



; Cheech Marin played the bartender

Leaving Las Vegas
; Nicholas Cage won an Oscar for Best Actor playing an alcoholic.



Mars Attacks
; Jack Nicholson drinks many cocktails throughout the movie.

; Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet are playing the popular drinking game, Quarters.

; Much time is spent at the bar in this movie.

The Juror
; Alec Baldwin gives a friend a baby bottle filled with Scotch.

Tres Lounge
; Steve Buscemi plays a drunk.

; Someone is dressed as a bottle of whiskey at a Halloween costume party.

The Mirror has Two Faces
; When Jeff Bridges asks Barbra Streisand if she wants coffee or tea and she says, Scotch.

Kingpin; Tanqueray & Tab, Bourbon, beer, and Champagne is seen in the film.



A Life Less Ordinary
; Cameron Diaz sets up five shots of tequila and races her friends to drink them.

; Richard Lewis, Faye Dunaway, and others play recovering alcoholics.

Tomorrow Never Dies
; The theme song, sung by Sheryl Crow, becomes the first Bond theme song to mention 007’s favorite beverage with the line, Martinis, girls and guns.



; Ryan Phillippe plays a bartender at the famous 70’s disco, Studio 54.

Chinese Box
; starring Jeremy Irons & Gong Li works as a bartender.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Rum, beer, Tequila, and other cocktails are seen in the film.



Keeping the Faith
; Edward Norton tells a story to the bartender, by the end of the story the bartender is drinking.

Body Shots
; Waitresses serve Jell-O shooters.



Coyote Ugly
; Bartenders blow fire, light the bar on fire, pour whiskey, pour beer, and dance on the bar top.

; Jason Biggs and his roommates play a TV drinking game.

Miss Congeniality; Sandra Bullock and others drink test tube shots.



The Big Kahuna
; Peter Facinelli is assigned to be the bartender and doesn’t know what he’s doing

Broken Lizard's Club Dread
; A drink is poured down an ice luge. A guy squirts Tequila into people’s mouths using a big water gun.



Die Another Day
; Pierce Brosnan as James Bond orders a Mojito and revives this classic cocktail worldwide.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
; Sam Rockwell and Julia Roberts do shots with the bartender.

National Lampoon
; Students eat Jell-o shots.



; Jessica Alba plays a bartender.
The Cooler; Maria Bello is a cocktail waitress.

Bas Santa; Billy Bob Thornton drinks throughout the movie. You'll find vodka, Bourbon, and beer.



; A trip through the California wine country. Pinot Noir sales go up all over the country after this movie.



The Alcohol Years
; Shows a woman’s life in an alcoholic blur.
The Perfect Man; Carson Kressly plays the bartender.




The Break-Up; Jon Favreau plays a bartender.
Art School Confidential; Max Minghella plays a bartender.

Deck the Halls; Kristin Chenoweth and Kristen Davis decorate a motel Christmas trwith mini liquor bottles as ornaments.

You, Me, and Dupree; There are many drinks throughout the movie. Molly tells Carl they should go have dinner and margaritas. Later, upon returning home, they change the lyrics to a song to include repeated references to the word "margaritas."


You Don't Mess With The Zohan; Adam Sandler drinks someting he calls "fizzy bubby."



Silver Screen Cocktails 1900s-1960s Boob Tube Booze
Silver Screen Cocktails 1970s-Present Celebrity Cocktails
Cocktail Related Films 1900s-Present Booze Songs