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1971 Diamonds are Forever
; Sean Connery has a glass of Sherry, Scotch on the rocks, Vodka Martini, and a glass of Mouton Rothschild ’55 Claret. Jill St. John pours herself Sweet Vermouth.


1972 Avanti; The bartender makes Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills a Whiskey Sour on the sour side and a Bacardi on the sweet side. They also drink Champagne.

1973 Live and Let Di
e; Roger Moore orders a Bourbon & Water, a bottle of Bollinger Champagne, and a Bourbon neat, however David Hedison changes the order to two Sazeracs.

1974 Godfather Part II
; John Cazale orders a Banana Daiquiri.

1974 Murder on the Orient Express; Hercule Poirot drinks a Creme de Menthe.

1974 The Man with the Golden Gun
; Roger Moore drinks two glasses of Red Wine, a glass of Champagne, and a glass of Sparkling White Wine.

1978 Saturday Night Fever; John Travolta orders a 7 & 7 three times. Others drinks mentioned are Vodka Tonic and a beer. A lot of the scenes are in a Disco.

1977 The Spy Who Loved Me
; Roger Moore drinks some white wine, a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred, two glasses of Champagne, with one bottle identified as a Dom Pérignon ’52.

1978 Death on the Nile; Manhattans are drunk.

1979 Moonraker
;Roger Moore drinks two glasses of Bollinger Champagne, and a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred.



1980 The Shining
; A ghost bartender drinks a Martini.

1980 Caddyshack
; Rodney Dangerfield asks the bartender if he knows how to make a Bullshot and the bartender replies, "Do you know how to make a shoe smell?" There's also a classic scene where Chevy Chase does a shot of Tequila. Click here to see the clip on Youtube. Skip to 1:40.

1981 For Your Eyes Only
; Roger Moore drinks some Glüwein, Ouzo, a glass of White Wine, and at least half a bottle of Champagne.

1982 Toostie
; Dressed as Dorothy, Dustin Hoffman orders a Dubonnet with a twist.

1982 Evil Under The Sun; Maggie Smith offers Peter Ustinov a choice of a White Lady, a Sidecar, or a Between the Sheets.

1983 Octopussy
; Roger Moore drinks three glasses of Champagne and a Vodka Martini.

1983 Never Say Never Again
; Sean Connery drinks two Vodka Martinis, Vodka on the rocks, Red Wine, and Champagne. Kim Basinger orders a Double Bloody Mary.

1985 A View to Kill
; Roger Moore drinks four glasses of Bollinger Champagne, Red Wine, and Stolichnaya Vodka neat.

1985 Fletch
; Chevy Chase orders a Bloody Mary.

1987 The Living Daylights; Timothy Dalton drinks a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred, a Stolichnaya Vodka Martini shaken not stirred, a glass of Champagne, and a glass of Jim Beam.

1988 Cocktail; This film probably holds the record for most cocktails mentioned. Only 3 are mentioned and made and they are a Red Eye (beer, tomato juice, spices, and a raw egg), Turquoise Blue (a made up blue drink split strained into a Martini glass that appears to be made with Bacardi light rum, blue Curacao and either pinapple juice or sour mix), and a Daiquiri (he makes it frozen and pours it into a Hurricane glass). Other drinks mentioned are Velvet Hammer, Vodka and Rose’s, Gilbey’s and Tonic, Absolut Rocks, Orgasm, Cuba Libre, White wine, Orgasm, Angel Tit, Dirty Mother, Bloody Mary, Martini, Briar Tuck, Screwdriver, Pink Squirrel, Kamikaze, Sex on the Beach, Velvet Hammer, Iced Tea, Alabama Slammer, Death Spasm, Singapore Sling, Ding-a-Ling, and Molson beer.

Other alcohol seen and/or mentioned are
King Louis XIII is part of a bet and drank between Tom and Bryan. Jim Beam is what is in Tom’s hand when he says the poem. Bryan pours him and Tom Remy Martin Cognac. Tom and Bryan drink Miller High Life Beer. And also all the liquor bottles behind the bar.

1988 Beaches
; Bette Midler orders a Stinger.

1989 Licence to Kill
; Timothy Dalton drinks four glasses of Bollinger Champagne and orders a medium-dry Vodka Martini.

1989 True Love; Ron Eldard drinks 3 Boilermakers in a row.

1989 Skin Deep; John Ritter drinks a Bonzai Sunset (whatever that is).

1989 She's Out of Control
; Tony Danza orders a Double Kahlúa Punch, which is served in a pineapple with a parasol.

1989 Batman
; The Joker drinks a Martini.

1990 Mr. and Mrs. Bridge; Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward star. Drinks seen and mentioned are Manhattan, Whiskey and Water, and a Shaker of Martinis.

1990 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane
; Andrew Dice Clay makes a Sambuca Milkshake.

1992 Batman Returns
; Mr. and Mrs. Cobblepot (the Penguin's parents) drink Martinis.

1993 The Firm; Martinis are ordered. there's also beer, Champagne, and a drink made with Havana Club in the Cayman Islands.

1993 Groundhog’s Day
; Bill Murray and Andie Mcdowell order Sweet Vermouth on the rocks. Also there's a comment about drinking Pina Coladas.

1993 Mrs. Doubtfire
; Robert Prosky orders a Double Scotch on the rocks and tells the waiter to bring Robin Williams two of them so that he can catch up.

1994 Ed Wood
; Two Beefeater Martinis, whiskey, Rum and Coke, and Chablis are ordered.

1994 Bar Girls; Girls order Sex on the Beach.

1995 Goldeneye; Pierce Brosnan drinks half of a bottle of Champagne, and a Jack Daniel’s on the rocks and orders a Vodka Martini straight up shaken not stirred with a twist.

1995 The Net
; Sandra Bullock orders a Gibson at the Beach Bar.

1995 Grumpier Old Men
; Jack Lemmon and Sophia Loren drink Grappa.

1995 Father of the Bride
; Steve Martin has a daydream where his son-in-law is a Martini drinking playboy.

1996 Striptease
; Demi Moore is offered a Wine Cooler.

1996 The Evening Star
; Miranda Richardson orders a Bloody Mary. When she realizes that Shirley MacLaine has discovered that she slept with Bill Paxton she and then gives the drink to Bill Paxton telling him, you're going to need this.

1996 In Love and War
; Sandra Bullock gives Chris O’Donnell a Martini made from gin and castor oil.

1996 Mother
; Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds have Martinis.

1996 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
; Claire Danes drinks two large Zombies.

1996 Happy Gilmore
; Christopher McDonald drinks Martinis.

1996 Up Close and Persona
l; Michelle Pfeiffer has a Banana Daiquiri.

1997 Tomorrow Never Dies
; Pierce Brosnan drinks a glass of Champagne, a Vodka Martini and three Smirnoff Vodka shots.

1997 Fathers Day
; Billy Crystal chugs a Martini in one gulp when Nastassja Kinski tells him he might be a father.

1997 Deconstructing Harry
; Billy Crystal drinks a Martini.

1997 Jackie Brown
; Pam Grier & Samuel L. Lewis order a Screwdriver.

1997 George of the Jungle; Homas Haden Church makes a comment about a Gin Martini, then mentions that a white ape sounds like a drink then orders two Black Russians and a White Ape.

1997 The Ice Storm; Sigourney Weaver drinks Martinis.

1997 The Man Who Knew Too Little
; Bill Murray drinks a Martini made by Joanne Whalley.

1997 Money Talks
; Heather Locklear’s mother drinks a Bloody Mary.

1997 My Best Friend’s Wedding
; Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney order Margaritas.

1997 Open Your Eyes
; Fele Martinez and Penelope Cruz drink Rum & Cokes. Eduardo Noriega orders a Whiskey & Coke.

1997 Meet Wally Sparks
; Debi Mazar asks for Sex on the Beach.

1997 Grosse Pointe Blank
; John Cusack and Minnie Driver order Vodka on the rocks.

1997 Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag
; Andy Comeau, Kristy Swanson and George Hamilton drink Margaritas.

1997 Boogie Nights
; Mark Wahlberg and John C. Reilly have Margaritas.

1997 Picture Perfect
; Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Anniston drink Martinis.

1998 Wild Things
; Matt Dillon orders Rum & Coke.

1998 Twice Upon a Yesterday; Penélope Cruz plays a bartender and makes a Gin and Tonic.

1998 There's Something about Mary; Matt Dillon orders a Whiskey Sour (but you never see it).

1998 The Big Lebowski; Jeff Bridges drinks many White Russians.


1998 Deceiver
; Tim Roth drinks a Martini.

1998 Happiness
; A woman makes Ben Gazzara a Gin & Tonic.

1998 Gods and Monsters
; Ian McKellen has two Martinis.

1998 Bringing Down The House
; Joan Plowright orders a Double 7 & 7.

1998 Hope Floats
; Sandra Bullock orders a Vodka Tonic.

1998 Living Out Loud
; Holly Hunter has a Martini.

1998 The Bone Collector
; Denzel Washington asks Queen Latifah for Two fingers of Vodka.

1998 The Odd Couple
; Jack Lemmon has a Martini and Walter Matthau has a Double Scotch.

1998 The Imposters
; Stanley Tucci has a Martini in a huge martini glass while others have normal martini glasses. A Triple Bourbon and a Grasshopper are also ordered.

1999 Blast from the Past
; Christopher Walken and Sissy Spacek drink Martinis all through the movie. Alicia Silverstone brings a Champagne Cocktail to Brendan Fraser.

1999 Double Jeopardy
; Bruce Greenwood has a Martini.

1999 About Schmidt
; Jack Nicholson orders a Vodka Gimlet. Jack Nicholson & Kathy Bates drink Manhattans.

1999 Me, Myself & Irene
; Renee Zellweger and Jim Carrey have Rum & Cokes.

1999 Eyes Wide Shut
; Todd Field has a Vodka Tonic.

1999 Goodbye Lover starring Patricia Arquette and Dermot Mulroney; There are Martinis all through this movie.

1999 The Guilty
; Someone orders a Double Whiskey Sour.

1999 House on Haunted Hill
; Famke Janssen has a Martini.

1999 A Perfect Murder
; Michael Douglas holds a Martini and fixes one for Gwyneth Paltrow.

1999 The World is Not Enough; Pierce Brosnan drinks a Vodka Martini shaken mot stirred, two Smirnoff Vodka shots, and Bollinger Champagne.

1999 Cruel Intentions
; Selma Blair finishes her beverage and says it doesn't taste like tea. Ryan Phillippe tells her that it's from Long Island (Long Island Iced Tea).

1999 Crazy in Alabama
; Melanie Griffith orders a Hurricane.


Meet the Parents; Robert De Niro’s favorite drink is a Tom Collins. He's seen making them with Tanqueray gin.

Reindeer Games
; Ben Affleck orders Rum & Cokes.

The Whole Nine Yards
; Bruce Willis drinks Martinis throughout the movie. Matthew Perry drinks Scotch & Soda.

Cecil B. Demented
; Melanie Griffith has several Martinis.

Joe Gould’s Secret
; Stanley Tucci and Ian Holm have several Martinis.

Nutty Professor II
: The Klumps; Eddie Murphy as Papa Klump orders a 7 & 7.

Chuck & Buck; Chris Weitz orders a Martini and Mike White orders Rum & Coke.

Down to You
; Selma Blair has an Old Fashioned.

; Huey Lewis has a 7&7.

The Banger Sisters; Goldie Hawn makes herself a Rum & Coke.

2000 Cheaper by the Dozen; Bonnie Hunt has a Martini.



Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles; George Hamilton has a Martini.

Blow Dry
; Bill Nighy orders two Gin & Tonics.

Best Laid Plans; Alessandro Nivola and Josh Brolin drink 7&7’s.

Black Knight
; Martin Lawrence tells Marsha Thomason he wants to go back to the present and have Mai Tais.

; Jerry O’Connell is given a Hot Toddy.

Down to Earth
; Wanda Sykes mixes a Martini in the car. Chazz Palminteri carries a Martini. Greg Germann and Jennifer Coolidge have Martinis.

2001 Monkeybone
; A bartender offers Brendan Fraser a Coma-tini.

Moulin Rouge
; Absinthe is drunk all through the movie.

; Jennifer Love Hewitt orders a Martini very dry.

Never Again
; Jill Clayburgh has several Martinis.

Rat Race
; Whoopi Goldberg and Lanai Chapman order Mimosas.

From Hell; Johnny Depp drinks Absinthe.


Legally Blonde
; Reese Witherspoon’s dad drinks Martinis.

Johnny English
; Rowan Atkinson orders a Bloody Mary.

Vanilla Sky
; Cameron Diaz has a Martini.



Die Another Day; Pierce Brosnan drinks Bollinger Champagne, Havana Rum, two Vodka Martinis , one with an olive, and a Mojito. 40 years prior James Bond exploded the Vodka Martini and now single handedly revives and explodes the classic 1940 Mojito worldwide.

40 days and 40 nights
; Josh Hartnett buys his date a Martini.

Hysterical Blindness; Lots of drinking in this film because half of it takes place in a bar. Juliette Lewis and Uma Thurman drink Sex on the Beach, Screwdriver, Tequila shot, and Rolling Rock beer.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
; Maggie Smith has a Bloody Mary.

Igby Goes Down
; Ryan Phillippe has a Bloody Mary.

Juwanna Mann
; Miguel A. Nunez, JR. asks for a Cosmopolitan heavy on the Vodka.

Life or Something Like It
; Angelina Jolie gives Tony Shalhoub a bottle of Strawberry Wine.

Kissing Jessica Stein
; Jennifer Westfield orders a Strawberry Margarita.

Murder By Numbers; Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt sip Absinthe and talk about life.



A Guy Thing
; James Brolin brings Diana Scarwid a replacement Martini.

The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone; Helen Mirren makes pichers full of Negronis a few times in the film.


Mona Lisa Smile; Marcia Gay Harden drinks a Manhattan. Dominic West orders a Jack & Ginger. There is a table scene where red wine is served. Julia Roberts has a highball in front of her at a bar (twice) which looks like a Gin & Tonic. Champagne is served at a wedding and Maggie Gyllenhaal carries
a bottle. Julia and Marcia drink Champagne and watch TV. And there are lots of booze bottles at the initiation and goblets filled with a strong drink. Recognizeable bottles are Johnnie Walker Red, J&B, and Tanqueray 10 (not even invented yet). Kirsten Dunst and Maggie Gyllenhaal drink a clear drink in a martini glass with (limes?). I don't think these large martini glasses were around in 1953. Maggie Gyllenhaal has a flask.

Bad Boys II
; Gabrielle Union and Jordi Molla drink Bacardi Mojitos.

Matchstick Men; Sam Rockwell has a Martini.

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde
; Reese Witherspoon says she's making Sangria.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico
; Johnny Depp drinks many Tequila with lime.



Lost in Translation; Bill Murray is an American movie actor in Tokyo shooting a series of ads for a brand of whiskey. Sake is also drank in the movie and a Vodka Tonic is orderd.

Stuck On You
; Cher and Greg Kinnear have Margaritas.

The Haunted Mansion
; A Client of Eddie Murphy’s orders three Volcanoes (a house specialty drink).

Bright Young Things; Absinthe is drunk.

Deliver us from Eva
; Gabrielle Union asks for a Wine Spritzer.

From Justin to Kelly
; Katherine Bailess has a Martini and Greg Siff has a Piña Colada.

; Colin Farrell works as a bartender and serves Al Pacino a Martini.



Eurotrip; Absinthe is drunk.

Man on Fire
; Denzel Washington asks for Jack & Water.

; Jude Law says he has a half a bottle of Stoli he took from the limo. Jude and a girl drink shots of 1800 Tequila. Jude orders a G&T (Gin & Tonic) from a bartender. Jude and a girl drink spiked egg nog. And Susan Sarandon pulls out a bottle of illegal Absinthe she smuggled in Listerine bottles. She talks about Absinthe and explains to Jude what it is while preparing it. Susan also says ,"Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder."


Breakin’ All The Rules; Jamie Foxx buys Gabrielle Union a Double Bloody Mary. Morris Chestnut chugs a Martini and we guess he’s had many by all the olives in front of him.

Meet The Fockers; Dustin Hoffman makes and serves Tom Collins to Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Ben Stiller, Blythe Danner, and Teri Polo. Tanqueray gin was seen when he made them.

Click on the image to see the clip.

; Jude Law orders a Vodka Tonic for Julia Roberts.

Flight of the Phoenix
; Kirk Jones wishes he could have a Bacardi & Coke.

After the Sunset
; Pierce Brosnan asks about the ingredients of various tropical drinks then orders Jack on the rocks.

I Love Huckabees
; Jude Law has a Martini and also mentions that in the future he’ll drink Piña Coladas.

Ladder 49
; John Travolta and his firefighters order many drinks; Irish Car Bombs, 7&7, Seabreeze, and Margaritas.

Wicker Park
; Matthew Lillard orders a 7&7.

; After a nightmare Pegasus says, no more White Wine Spritzers for me, then later he drinks one.

; Halle Berry orders a White Russian then tells the bartender to hold the vodka and Kahlúa.

; Alexa Vega gets a text message saying to order a Sex on the Beach.

Suspect Zero
; A woman orders a 7&7.

; Christine Taylor brings Ben Stiller a Virgin Daiquiri.



The Ice Harves
t; John Cusack orders a Rum & Pineapple Juice.

Red Eye; Rachel McAdams has a Baybreeze.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
; Robert Downey Jr. orders a Jack & Soda.

In Her Shoes
; Shirley MacLaine makes Cosmopolitans to impress her granddaughter, Cameron Diaz.

Lord of War
; Nicolas Cage drinks a Martini.

Red Eye
; Rachel McAdams orders a Baybreeze.

War of the Worlds
; Tom Cruise & Tim Robbins drink p
each schnapps.

; Will Ferrell drinks a Bloody Mary and Nicole Kidman drinks two Martinis.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith
; Brad Pitt orders and fixes himself a Martini. Angelina drinks Champagne.

; Jane Fonda drinks a Martini and Wanda Sykes drinks some of Jane Fonda’s Martini.

Guess Who
; Ashton Kutcher orders a Vodka Tonic. Zoë Saldana orders Cosmopolitans.

The Upside of Anger
; Joan Allen and Alicia Witt order Bloody Marys.

The Wedding Date
; Dermot Mulroney brings Debra Messing a Bloody Mary.

Fun with Dick & Jane
; Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin and Tea Leoni have Mimosas.

Rumor Has It
; Jennifer Anniston and Shirley MacLaine order Vodka on the rocks. Jennifer Anniston carries two Bloody Marys and sing; Bloody Mary is the girl I love.

The Matador
; Pierce Brosnan orders Margaritas.

The Pink Panthe
r; Steve Martin has a flaming drink, and during the cartoon credits, the Pink Panther holds a Martini.

Thank You for Smoking
; Robert Duvall and Aaron Eckhart have Mint Juleps. Mint Juleps are seen 3 times and the last time one is set on top of a casket.

RV; Cheryl Hines asks Robin Williams if he wants wine or a Martini. He says both, adding, "With a Prozac pack." Both drink Martinis.




Casino Royale;
Daniel Craig has a Vesper.

Phat Girlz; Joyful Drake orders a Cosmopolitan. Mo'nique drinks shots, Champagne and more throughout the movie.

Lonesome Jim; Casey Affleck brings wine coolers on a date with Liv Tyler. There are Seagram's bottles in the garage as he packs the van. Liv Tyler drinks wine coolers with Casey Affleck in his bedroom when he's home from the hospital. And there are many drinks drunk in many bars.

Hard Candy; Ekken Page makes herself a Screwdriver from Patrick Wilson's freezer.

The Break-Up; Vince Vaughn tells Jennifer Anniston's date that she likes Apple Martinis so thats what he orders.




Blood and Chocolate; Katja Riemann and Agnes Bruckner drink drink what's presumably absinthe in a club, as do others.

Perfect Stranger; People have drinks in a bar where Bruce Willis comments on ordering some Hemmingway Daiquiris, and then has Halle Berry do that for him. They then briefly discuss what's in those drinks.

Code Name: The Cleaner; Cedric the Entertainer talks about having some Mai Tais with Lucy Liu when she suggests going somewhere.

Grindhouse; Sydney Tamia Poitier, Jordan Ladd, and Vanessa Ferlito drink a lof Margaritas, beer, shots, mixed drinks in a bar. Stuntman Mike is also there, but he states he doesn't drink anything alcoholic and then has a Virgin Piña Colada. The bartender then drinks shots with the women and others. Two guys with the women want to fill them with more drinks to get them even further intoxicated, presumably to take advantage of them. When the young women leave, it's presumed that they're driving while intoxicated.

Zodiac; Brian Cox has a Hot Toddy.

Shrek the Third; Prince Charming orders a round of Fuzzy Navels for the bar. Puss in Boots daydreams of fishing with a pitcher of Mojitos next to him.

Code Name: The Cleaner; Cedric the Entertainer talks about having some Mai Tais with Lucy Liu when she suggests going somewhere.



27 Dresses; There is a lot of drinking throughout the film. Judy Greer comments about a party where guys will be bringing Tequila and bubble wrap. James Marsden orders a Scotch and then convinces Kathryn Heigl to have a drink as well. Kathryn and James drink several shots of Scotch. Kathryn drinks Vodka & Soda and tells her sister that there's Greygoose in the freezer and Redbull in the fridge.


Sex and the City; No drinks are mentioned, but the Flirtini and Cosmopolitan are seen.

Ironman; Robert Downey Jr. tells a flight attendant to heat up some sake. Robert Downey Jr. tells a bartender, "Give me a Scotch, I'm starving." Later, Gwyneth Paltrow tells Robert Downey Jr. she would like a drink and he then orders two Dry Martinis.

And Then She Found Me; Bette Midler, her date, Colin Firth and Helen Hunt have shots of sake dropped into their beer. Helen huntcomments that she normally doesn't drink this much, while Colin Firth states he has to say something before he gets drunk.

What Happens in Vegas; There is a lot of drinking in this movie that stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Beer, Champagne, wine and frozen drinks are seen throughout. Rob Corddry says he'll have a vodka and Scotch. Lots of bar scenes and Michelle Krusiec tries to open a bottle of Champagne with a knife (sabering), but the bottle shatters.

You Don't Mess with the Zohan; Adam Sandler drinks something he calls a Fizzy Bubbly throughout the movie.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall; There is a lot of drinking in this film, but a name of a drink is not mentioned. A waiter brings Jason Segel pineapple juice and a small bottle Malibu rum for breakfast (Malibu and Pineapple).

Leatherheads; There is a lot of drinking in this film, but a name of a drink is not mentioned. In the speakeasy when George Clooney and Renee Zellweger at the bar, they drink from glassware that was not invented yet.

Street Kings; Keanu Reeves buys mini-bottles of vodka and drinks them throughout the movie.

Nim's Island; The captain of a ship states that they'll sell $10 Piña Coladas to the tourists.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day; Lots of drinking. Amy Adams states that she was a character in the movie, Fours a Crowd who was drinking a Margarita. In this same scene she says she was also in the film, Every Day's a Holiday which is the Mae West film that Bellinis are supoosed to be in. Whiskey and Champagne is drunk.

Never Back Down; Cam Gigandet's father holds a Margarita and offers it to an underage high school student.

Superhero; There is a lot of drinking throghout. Marion Ross stuffs all sorts of things into a Thanksgiving turkey, including pouring an entire bottle of vodka into it.

The Eye; Jessica Alba's doorman tells her, "On the night before my mother's surgery, she had two glasses of Sherry. Steady as a rock the next day." Jessica Alba drinks Sherry from the bottle.

The Signal; When A.J. Bowen asks Anessa Ramseywhere she was and what she had to drink, she replies Gin and Tonic and a shot of Tequila.

The Love Guru; Martinis are ordered and Stephen Colbert says he's addicted to peyote buttons and Frangelico.

The Iron Man; Robert Downey Jr. drinks Scotch, Sake and orders two Dry Martinis.

Brideshead Revisted; Matthew Goode and Hayley Atwell. have a Dry Martini and Whiskey & Water on a ship. There's drinking throughout the film.

The House Bunny; Anna Faris has a Kamikaze, while the sorority girls all have virgin drinks. Anna Faris overhears some college students talking about Marvin's tasty Margaritas and Marvin creates other "special" drinks. There is a karaoke bar scene, but no drinks are mentioned.

Hamlet 2; Steve Coogan drinks peach schnapps from the bottle. Catherine Keener is seen with a half-empty Margarita in front of her.



New in Town; Harry Connick Jr. and Renée Zellweger. A Maker's Mark is ordered.


Salt; Angelina Jolie and several Russian agents all drink a vodka toast. Later, Angelina Jolie uses a bottle of vodka as a weapon.

Princess and The Frog – The frog says, I’ll take a pre-dinner cocktail and something to nibble on.”

Avatar – Sam Worthington mentions Tequila in voice-over narration and states on his video diary that the Na’vi won’t be making any deals with the humans, not for light beer or blue jeans.
Stephen Yang tells his team that the first round of drinks is on him.

Get Him To The Greek – Russell Brand says, “It’s time to invest in Jack Daniel’s.”

The A-Team – Gerald McRaney states he has a bottle of Blue Label (Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch) waiting for the team, and Liam Neeson tells him to make it a case.

The Hangover – Jägermeister is drank for a rooftop toast.

Burlesque – Alan Cumming tells Christina Aguilera, “Maybe I should wash your mouth out with Jägermeister”.

Cyrus – Matt Walsh hands John C. Riley holds a Vodka Red Bull.

Dinner For Schmucks – The ringtone on Steve Carell’s phone is the chorus of Rupert Holmes’ “The Pina Colada Song.

Grown Ups – On several occasions, lyrics from Escape: The Pina Colada Song” is heard.

Charlie St. Cloud – Zac Efron invites Amanda Crew for dinner, then asks if she’d like beer or wine. Zac Efron holds a bottle of Jack Daniel’s.

Taker’s – Lots of alcohol scenes with Matt Dillon and others. Ghost drinks Paul Walker’s Scotch without his permission.

The Switch – Lots of drink scenes. Jennifer Anniston and Juliette Lewis and others drink many drinks including Bloody Marys.

Knight And Day – Cameron Diaz kisses Tom Cruise on a plane and says, “That was from the Tequila and altitude.” Viola Davis tells Peter Sarsgaard that something needed a Margarita and not capping. A guy at a bar orders a Harvey Wallbanger.

Marmaduke – One of Owen Wilson’s (Marmaduke, the dog) friends says to him, “Not to rub Margarita salt in the wound, but you deserved it.” Killers – Catherine O’Hara asks a flight attendant for three Chardonnays and drinks from a large pitcher of Bloody Marys in the morning.

Piranha 3D – Richard Dreyfuss sings “Show Me the Way to Go Home,” which features the lyric, “I had a little drink about an hour ago and it’s gone right to my head.” Jerry O’Connell drinks Tequila body shots off on a bikini-clad Riley Steele.

The Other Guys – Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are served Arnold Palmers at the house of one of Will’s former girlfriends. Her husband announces that her drink is the only one with vodka in it.

The American – Lots of spirits and wine seen.

Pilgrim VS. The World – Michael orders two Gin and Tonics. Mary Elizabeth Winstead says she normally doesn’t drink, prompting Scott to ask, “Oh, you want one?” (meaning, he ordered the two for just himself).

Eat Pray Love – Julia Roberts orders Tequila on the rocks and also tells Billy Crudup that she’ll have unlimited mini-bar access in their Bali hotel. Giuseppe Gandini sees a commercial about Miller Time and then buy a 6-pack.

27 Hours – James Franco says, I need to be chilled like Sauvignon Blanc”.

- Skyline – Lots of bottles and drinks are seen as well as Margaritas. Life As We Know It – Lots of drinking scenes. Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Hayes MacArthur, and Christina Hendricks drink Mimosas.

Iron Man 2 – When Robert Downey Jr. tells Gwyneth Paltrow he’s promoting her, she asks if he’s been drinking and he says, “Yes, chlorophyll” then opens Champagne for both of them and tells her, “Don’t think…drink.” Scarlett Johansson hands Robert Downey Jr. a Martini and suggestively asks, “Is that dirty enough for you?”
Samuel L. Jackson talks about Mickey Rourke being on a multi-year vodka binge in the past.

Red – Brian Cox opens a bottle of Sobieski Vodka with a knife.

Leap Year – During the opening credits, Amy Adams drinks wine and later a Martini at a wedding.

Edge Of Darkness – Jay O. Sanders asks a grieving Mel Gibson if he wants coffee or something stronger and Mel says, “There’s a bottle of Crown Royal somewhere in the house collecting dust.”

- Broken Embraces – Blanca Portillo orders a Gin and Tonic.

Valentine’s Day – At the end of a sex operator call, Anne Hathaway says she’s going to need a Mint Julep.

Shutter Island – Ben Kingsley offers Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo a drink. Mark asks for a rye. There is also a hot tub scene with lots of bottles.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – The song by Three Dog Night, Mama Told Me Not To Come, with the lyric, “Want some whiskey in your water” is played.

The Ghost Writer – Pirce Brosnan is given a Bloody Mary.
Olivia Williams tells the Ghost (Ewan McGregor) he needs is a drink. She gives him wine and he says, “I don’t understand the point of white wine” and then has another drink instead.

Dear John – Scott Porter says that Channing Tatum looks like he could use a drink, and then brings him Bourbon.

Cop Out – Bruce Willis offers to buy Jason Lee a drink. Jason asks for a Scotch and Bruce orders him rum.

- Our Family Wedding – Bartender, Paul Costa (self-labeled as a mixologist) tosses liquor bottles about while preparing drinks then Carlos Mencia and Forest Whitaker both order a Pink Nipple.

You’ll Meet A Tall Dark Stranger – Gemma Jones asks for some Sherry from Pauline Collins and Pauline says, “Is Scotch is okay?”

Greenburg – Ben Stiller’s grocery list for Greta Gerwig is whiskey.

Date Night – Steve Carell orders two glasses of wine but is ignored by the bartender.

- The Bounty Hunter – Christine Baranski drinks a Martini.

Sex In The City 2 – Drinking throughout the film. Jessica Parker describes Abu Dhabi to Kristen Davis’s young daughter as “Like Jasmine, only with cocktails,” (referring to the lead female character from the animated Disney film, Aladdin).

MacGruber – Powers Booth tells Will Forte to relax and have a Molson’s beer.

Robin Hood – The Friar, Mark Addy collects money from the three men and then asks them if they know about mead. Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) and his men, drink and sing about mead.
King Richard (Danny Huston) has a drink and tells his assistant that he should drink and laugh. Later after mortally wounded, he asks for wine, has some, and then dies.

Shrek Forever After – Shrek drinks Eyeball Martinis.

Get Low – Robert Duvall and Bill Murray drink moonshine.

Going the Distance – Lots of drinking scenes. In the opening credits, Drew Barrymore gets a text message asking about getting a drink. After tasting some cake icing, Justin Long mentions that vodka is a great chaser.


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